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Вечная память.
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Даже не помню, когда я был так подавлен...

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Вечная память и райские кущи!

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Слава,скорбим и помним.

Вечная память, соболезнования всем близким.

Пришло письмо с соболезнованиями от доктора Хейко Блехера:


Dear Andrey, I am so extremely sorry, this is such sad news. I will always remember the day you all took me and Natasha to ione of the greatest breakfasts I ever appreciated in my life. With all that food in the surroundings of aquariums nicely and very naturally decorated. And the aquariums in the toilet (which I still show today in my slide shows, when I talk about aquarists around the world). This I will never forget. It was better than having breakfast with the emperor of Japan.
I also remember very well when you both did that nice magazine. Good memories, that is what we live with until we also pass on. It is the beauty, the friendliness of people, the happiness and great moments one has been able to live with great friends, that keep us going and I am so sorry I did not see him anymore...
Please give or kindest and deeply condolences to his family, and I am really sorry I cannot make it to his funeral, as I am engaged otherwise, but I will surely come the next time in Moscow.
Always Heiko & Natasha...


Слава, Слава, куда ты так рано

Вечная память.

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Вечная память и царствие небесное.

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Шок... Мы не были знакомы, теперь и не будем... Вечная память...